The Abalıoğlu Holding leaded the establishment of DOÇEV – The Nature and the Environment Foundation with the vision of protecting and developing natural balance and environmental assets throughout generations in line with social responsibility consciousness. 


  • Establishes forests, parks and coppice forests and plants trees in public areas such as schools, hospitals, small industrial sites, and local and village coppice forests. It has planted about 400.000 saplings in this context.


  • It hangs bird nests in wooded areas to contribute to protection of natural balance.


  • It has collected 5.500 tons of waste paper with the motto “give your paper, get a tree”. It has formed “DOÇEV – Waste Paper Forest” with the gain obtained.


  • Of wastes collected, it categorizes re-readable publications such as books, encyclopedias, magazines etc. as a cultural value and distributes them to prisons, schools and village reading rooms.


  • It collects used batteries to prevent their harmful effects on the environment. It has collected 23 tons of used batteries up to the present.


  • It enables recycling of electronic wastes that are pollutants of today. It has collected 30 tons of electronic waste.


  • It organizes environmental trainings at schools, workplaces and various organizations and organizes nature and environmental trips for students to inform every part of the society, especially the youth.


  • It performs model applications to encourage use of “cloth bag” instead of plastic bags which are forbidden in many countries and wishes that respective legal regulations are issued as soon as possible.


  • It cares for the Greater Menderes Basin. It made a presentation in 2006 in cooperation with TÜSİAD with the attendance of academicians and specialists for regain of the basin and proposed solutions. It contributed to prevention of agricultural pollution through “the Agricultural Pesticide Packages and Wastes Collection Project” performed in a certain part of the basin.


  • DOÇEV's environmental education and application projects are supported by environmental funds of the international organizations such as the World Bank, the EU, the British Embassy, REC-Turkey and DEFRA-England.


  • DOÇEV appreciates any kind of support on behalf of the nature and the environment and aims to leave a better world to our children “before we get drowned in the dump we have created, before the last tree is cut and the last stream is dried” with the strength it gets from the public.


Bahtiyar AKSOY-Foundation Manager


Adress: Sümer Mahallesi Çal Caddesi No: 78 Merkezefendi  / DENİZLİ

Tel: 0.258.265 11 11 

Fax: 0.258.265 63 69

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