Mr. Cafer, who is the son of Fatma and Mehmet Ali Abalioglu, the residents of Denizli, was born in Denizli in 1920. Upon the death of his father in 1941, he left college and started his business life.

Starting his business life at a young age, Mr. Cafer married Mrs. Zaferiye in 1944. Apart from being the architect of a happy family environment His wife, Mrs. Zaferiye, who justifies the motto "Behind every successful man is a strong woman”, his wife Mrs. Zaferiye empowered her husband with her support and encouragement. They have 5 children named Nermin, Ali, Necla, İsmet and Zumrut.

His business life, which he started as a tanner, his father's profession, continued with his brothers and nephews in the flour and cotton gin industry and various commercial activities. This partnership was terminated in 1966 by mutual agreement.

Mr. Cafer owned the cotton ginnery factory as his share and established a new company with his sons Ali and İsmet Abalioglu, and continued his business life together with them. In addition to the industry, he carried out commercial activities in various fields, especially in automotive and tractor dealerships.

By becoming a partner in Dentas A.S., which was incorporated as a public company, in 1975 and Er-bakır, which was founded by the Ergur and Erikoglu families in 1984 and entered the corrugated cardboard and electrolytic copper sectors. Abalioglu Tekstil Sanayi A.S started to produce yarn in 1991.

This process, which started with a cotton ginnery factory in very modest conditions in 1966 with his sons, grew with the investments made in paper, copper and yarn in Denizli, and these investments formed the cornerstones of Abalioglu Holding. The companies have become the ones that produce the richest product range that can be achieved by the technology in all 3 main sectors, in the highest quality way.

Industrial activities continued with new investments both at home and abroad following the death of Mr. Cafer. In this regard, new production facilities were established in Romania, Egypt and America, and a partnership was established with an Italian company in the field of textiles. Enterprises developed by their children and grandchildren continue to bing added value to our country's economy under the umbrella of Abalioglu Holding. All companies have become the sought-after establishments in the national and international arena of the sector.

Mr. Cafer, an exemplary industrialist and businessman, also contributed to the social development of Denizli province and carried out distinguished studies for education. In this context, Cafer Sadik Abalioglu Primary School, Zaferiye Abalioglu Primary School and Dentas Primary School were built and donated to the Ministry of National Education. Upon his death, Er-Bakir Science High School and Docem-Dentas Special Education Application Center were built by the group companies under the leadership of his sons and put into the service of the Ministry of National Education.

The affiliate companies of the group continue their activities by paying attention to the protection of nature and environment in the with the principles of “People First” and “Sharing what you get from the society by developing it” and the business culture created by the Abalioglu Family since 1966.

Social responsibility activities have been carried out after the death of our Founder. Docev-Nature and Environment Foundation was established in 1996, Cafer Sadik Abalioglu Education and Culture Foundation in 1999, Necla Pamukcu Library in 2006, Abalioglu Benevolent Society in 2009 and Zaferiye Abalioglu Science and Art Center in 2017. These institutions continue their activities with the contributions of group companies.

In his 53 years of business life, Mr. Cafer, who had been in charge of the b life, guided his children and employees when required with his experience, entrepreneurial spirit and executive ability and passed away from this world by leaving great works behind and passed away on September 5, 1994. Later, his life partner Mrs. Zaferiye, who eminently contributed to his success and happy family life, passed away on the 26th of December, 1994.

We commemorate Mr. Cafer and Ms. Zaferiye with longing, gratitude and mercy.