Founded in 2012, Açık Kart has been working to provide customers with the most appropriate answers to their business needs, marketing, consulting and software services and providing turnkey integrated marketing solutions to their customers.

Açık Kart provides a combination of hardware, software and marketing with closed circuit customer tracking solutions including loyalty program solutions, gift card solutions, campaign design, communication, platform provision and management services, CRM consulting services, payment system solutions, corporate incentive programs, loyalty of dealers and employees.

Starting from project analysis and program design, it manages projects with turnkey analytical and technological marketing solutions including implementation, commissioning, operation, reporting, gift award procurement and delivery processes

 Açık Kart develops projects for FMCG, Finance, Fuel, Tourism, Travel, Construction, Health sectors, with 100+ brands, particularly in the retail sector.

In the field of public services, Açık Kart provides turn-key system integration services to the public sector and provides services such as electronic control systems (EDS), traffic control and signaling intelligent intersection systems (AKS), urban security management systems (KGYS), license plate recognition systems (PTS), dynamic message system (DMS). On the other hand, Açık Kart provides social aid cards, social market solutions, campus cards, payment systems, collection systems, mobile municipality applications and the latest technological infrastructure services and solutions to public institutions and organizations.

Açık Kart continuously raises the quality standards of its services and infrastructure in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 27001 Information Security, ISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management System, TÜRKAK Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, TSE-HYB Service Qualification and OHSAS 18001 OHS Management System documents.

Açık Kart was considered worthy of reward as follows;  Finalist in 2017 at the Loyalty Magazine Awards, in the category of Loyalty Program of the Year, Platinum Award in the Annual Report Category at Hermes Creative, 3rd place in the Loyalty Practices Category organized by the Association of Direct Marketing Communicants, Platinum in the 3 categories and 2 categories of Golden Marcom Award at the Marcom Awards, Bronze in 2 categories and silver in 2 categories at the Stevie Awards, and European marketing Award at ICSC Solal Marketing Awards.

Our mission

Açık Kart meets the customers' technology and infrastructure requirements in line with customer needs; and offers value added services, primarily mobile and digital solutions, in order to reach its business goals. According to the expectations of customers, "data", which is the most important thing in today’s world and Açık Kart collects, analyzes and interprets it with using new generation technologies and transforms them into actions that add value to customers.

Our vision

To become a leading organization in Turkey and nearby geography by offering innovative, value-added, technology-based consulting services that support the growth and efficiency of its customers.

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