It is to carry out educational and cultural activities to contribute to national development, local development and maintenance of our cultural richness. 


It is to make the young people, who follow the principles that the Republic of Turkey is based on and cannot continue their personal and professional development because of financial impossibilities, individuals and exemplary citizens that are useful for the society through education and training; and to follow and carry our cultural richness to future generations through various advertising activities. 


They are to raise solid and conscious, self-confident and competent, modern, rationalist and secular young people that are open to personal development and change, share their opinions and are aware of their responsibilities, and to prepare them for life as good people and citizens that are useful for themselves, people around them and the nature, the country and the entire humanity. 


  • To give non-refundable scholarship to successful and correct undergraduate students who suffer financial impossibilities from September to June;
  • To provide school tools and equipment, books and stationery to elementary- and secondary-school children of families with limited financial possibilities and to pay for their private teaching expenses,
  • To provide students with trainings to introduce information technologies to and develop them in the Computer Lab established in the Foundation;
  • To establish libraries to get our children and youngsters adopt reading habit and make them conduct research;
  • To meet various maintenance-repair and tool-equipment needs of educational institutions at any level, especially Cafer Sadık Abalıoğlu Elementary School, Zaferiye Abalıoğlu Elementary School, Dentaş Elementary School and Er-Bakır Science School to increase their educational quality;
  • To organize conferences, interviews and meetings to educate and enlighten many sectors of the society. To cooperate with National Education Principals and parent-teacher associations and various institutions and organizations and carry out social life supportive activities with contributions of specialists. (Family Planning, Modernity and Urbanism, Early diagnosis in Cancer, Social Aspect of Violence, Smoking and Drug Addiction and its Harmful Effects etc.)
  • To publish a 3-month local culture and history magazine called “GEÇMİŞTEN GÜNÜMÜZE DENİZLİ” (DENİZLİ FROM PAST TO DAY) under the sponsorship of our Foundation for purposes of developing social and cultural life of Denizli, transferring historical, cultural and art events encountered to new generations and to maintain and keep the memory of Denizli.
  • To make organizations in schools to increase civic involvement in special weeks and days (such as the Oral and Dental Health Week and the World Environment Day etc.).

Targets and Projects

  • To identify gifted children in art, science and sports and support their education for them to be successful nationally and internationally,
  • To encourage educational and cultural service applications, support educational and cultural works in our city, and organize exhibits, concerts, panels and conferences in the areas forming our cultural identity,
  • To organize joint events getting in contact with museum and culture directorates to protect our cultural values,
  • To carry out activities with other non-governmental organizations engaged in education and culture,
  • To organize seminars and meetings for high school and college students for their choice of profession and career management,
  • To guide students preparing for LGS or ÖSS but cannot get private lessons,
  • To organize conversation meetings for parents (violence, family and child health, communication and health issues etc.). to organize awareness-raising meetings with the support of specialists and physicians in the issues of family health, emergency, child raising, communication, hygiene-sanitation, environmental conscious, adolescence problems, drugs, raising of children of divorced parents etc. 
  • To organize entertainment activities for children and youngsters (cinema, theatre, concert shows),
  • To organize remembrance ceremonies for Turkish elders who contributed to our culture, our poets, artists and sportsmen,
  • To design projects to make the Foundation Building a cultural and art center in Denizli and to protect our city and cultural values,
  • To organize science competitions, sports tournaments, mind games, painting, music, story, poem and composition writing contests,
  • To contact and cooperate with national and international non-governmental organizations in relation with these activities and to bring national and international funds supporting such activities to our city and people through projects in favor of Denizli. 


Sema Yılmaztürk - Cafer Sadık Abalıoğlu Educational and Cultural Foundation Manager