Abalıoglu Holding has led the establishment of the DOCEV-Nature and Environment Foundation with the vision of protecting and improving the natural balance and environmental values for generations in line with its social responsibility awareness.

DOCEV, founded in 1996, carries out activities regarding forestation, waste management and environmental education, and develops implementation projects.


In this scope;


• It enables the establishment of memorial forests with the slogan of "Set up your own forest” by nature and environment friends on behalf of any individuals or institutions.

• Parks and groves were formed. It contributed to the forestation of various public areas such as schools, hospitals, small industrial sites, cemeteries, banks of dams.

• It reduces the impact of erosion with approximately 450,000 saplings planted in 57 forests and public areas under its supervision and improves the nature of Denizli province.

• It also hangs bird nests in forest areas to support breeding and sheltering of birds. It also provides nutrition to the birds during challenging winter conditions and provides them with feed in natural environment..

• It collected approximately 5,500 tons of waste paper with the slogan of "Give away the paper to make a tree". With the income generated, it established "DOCEV - Waste Paper Forest".

• It makes contributions throughout the country by collecting waste batteries with the slogan "never let the battery of the world become flat”. Up to this day, 43 tons of waste batteries were collected and disposed of.

• It established an "Electronic Waste Collection Line", which enabled the recycling of approximately 91 tons of electronic waste.

• It organizes environmental education sessions at schools and contributes to raising environmental awareness in society through publications and environmental presentations.

• It implemented an exemplary practice of using “fabric bags” instead of nylon bags which are prohibited in many countries and now it wishes the legal regulations to enter into force as soon as possible.

• It emphasizes the importance of our waters and wetlands with its "Every Drop is Valuable" approach and contributes to the formation of public opinion and informing the public with materials such as brochures, posters and films.

• The projects it has developed in order to expand its activities, have been supported by environmental funds of national and international institutions. Its carries out its activities with Project funded under the program of Environmentally Compatible Civil Society Movement for Socio-Economic Development (CO-SEED) by WWF-Turkey


DOCEV appreciates every kind of support to nature and environment and aims to sustain this generosity throughout generations.



Bahtiyar AKSOY – Director of Foundation
Address: Sümer Mahallesi Cal Caddesi No: 78 Merkezefendi  / DENİZLİ
Tel: 0.258.265 11 11 Faks: 0.258.265 63 69
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