The “Geçmişten Günümüze Denizli” magazine is issued by a handful sensitive people who believe that natural, cultural and historical assets and richness of our city should be protected and those lost or about to be lost should be revealed and carried to the future.


This is not a history magazine; but it has to be engaged in the past, which means the history because of the purpose it seeks for.


Cities have much richer and much more colorful special histories which are not written in history books. The focus area of the movement which we hope that this magazine will create will be this local history.


The magazine is published quarterly and its first issue was published in 1500 copies in March and distributed free of charge. 2000 further copies were pressed in June considering the demand and the appreciation it received.


This magazine is a common pool. Filling and keeping it always full with water is the responsibility of everyone who is from and loves Denizli at any age and from any profession. We should have no doubt that Denizli and Denizli people have the treasure that will not only fill in this pool, but turn it into a lake.


We say hello to you with this thoughts and emotions and wish our magazine will be good for Denizli. 


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