Signing the Global Principles Agreement, the Abalıoğlu Holding will be working to realize a sustainable growth with over four thousand companies, local managements and non-governmental organizations meeting around 10 fundamental principles set forth by the United Nations. 

The Global Principles Agreement founded at the United Nation’s headquarter in New York on July 26, 2000 has been signed by over four thousand private companies and non-governmental organizations all over the world up to the present.

The Abalıoğlu Holding has signed the Global Principles Agreement consisting of 10 fundamental principles proposed by the United Nations to grow the global economy sustainably and use globalization for the benefit of all people on 11.12.2007. In the signing ceremony held under the leadership of KALDER (the Quality Association), Board Chairman Mehmet Ali Abalıoğlu signed the Global Principles Agreement on behalf of the Abalıoğlu Holding. 

As per the agreement, the Abalıoğlu Holding has agreed to apply 10 universally-accepted fundamental principles and make efforts to spread them in consistence with modern values under the titles of human rights, working conditions, environment and struggle against corruption. 

What is the Global Principles Agreement?

Studies on the Global Principles Agreement was initiated in the United Nations’ headquarter in New York on July 26, 2000. They have been continuing based on 10 universal principles including human rights, working conditions, environment and struggle against corruption with the participation of over 4 thousand companies, international labor and non-governmental organizations all over the world today.

The agreement has no sanction towards enterprises. However, a report is required on their operations once every two year. The center of the Agreement is the ‘Global Principles Agreement’ office and 6 UN organizations. The Commission of Human rights Office, UN Environmental Program, the International Labor Organization, the UN Development Program, the UN Industrial Development Organization, and the UN Drug Control and Crime Prevention Office. 

The Global Principles Agreement is seeking for popularization of the responsible citizen concept to support elimination of challenges of the globalization. 

The Global Principles Agreement is a completely voluntary movement with two main purposes:

To integrate 10 principles constituting the basis of the agreement into business activities,

To be a catalyzer for attempts supporting the United Nations targets.

The Global Principles Agreement works based on the trust that companies, labor organizations and non-governmental organizations will work with public responsibility and transparency and to make their own future sustainable for purpose of fulfilling the principles it is based on. 

10 Fundamental Principles of the Global Principles Agreement

Human Rights

1. To support or show respect to protection of universal human rights in their sphere of influence.

2. To ensure that their own organizations are not involved in any breach of human rights.


3. To effectively recognize freedom of organization and collective bargaining rights.

4. To prevent any kind of compulsive and oppressive employment.

5. To effectively prevent child labor.

6. To prevent discrimination in recruitment and work processes. 


7. To support preventive approach before occurrence of any damage in environmental issues.

8. To make attempts to spread a more effective environmental responsibility. 

9. To make attempts to develop and popularize environment-friendly technologies.

Struggle Against Corruption

10. To struggle against all immoral actions including threat and bribe.