Election and Placement Policy
We manage our election and placement process to work with the most suitable labor who adopts our corporate values and we can walk together. We work with human resources focused on future planning instead of saving the day, with a high sense of responsibility, and open to continuous learning and change. Maintaining to be among the companies preferred for qualified and skilled labor leads the way for us for our practices.
In our election and placement processes, equal opportunities are applicable eliminating discrimination based on race, language, religion, sex or age. There is no sex or age requirement in none of our positions except for the positions as required by respective job and we do not take these factors into account when evaluating candidates. 
Training and Development Policy
In the competitive environment of this constantly changing and developing world, we are preparing for the future by improving our corporate competencies and abilities with our employees. We plan training and development activities allowing our employees to continuously develop themselves and realize their potentials. 
In the holding, the group companies and their affiliates, we aim to make personal and professional development continuous for our employees and maximize their current performance. Our training schedule starts with the orientation training. Then it continues with various trainings for personal development, knowledge and skills planned through integration of our annual targets into needs of employees. 
 Trainings in our companies are divided into two including internal and external trainings. Internal trainings start with the design of training content according to needs and are structured by selection of internal trainers among our experts. On the other hand, external trainings involve training schedules jointly structured and applied with specialist training companies and trainers. 
Wage and Awarding Policy
We take firmer steps every passing day in application of result-oriented and fair wage systems encouraging success and high performance. Improving side benefits and material and immaterial award systems offered to employees constitute the basis of our approach to improve the said walking in their shoes. 
In our wage system, there is a wage range determined according to level of respective work. Worker salaries have to be within such wage range specified for that level. Bonus and awarding depending on performance evaluation results of our employees are paid according to each company’s own management process. 
Participation of Employees
Giving acceleration to work environment dynamics through transparent, fair, participative and supportive practices is the basis of our practices for our employees. Managing individualities and improving creativity are possible only if conditions for an environment where employees can freely express their opinions are met and employees are ensured to learn from their mistakes. We support our employees with this conscious. 
Every year Abalıoğlu Holding organizes the VayBe Project Contest participated by the group companies and their affiliates to increase and encourage creativity of employees, increase work motivation and interest in work, improve quality and related processes, reduce costs, improve business relations, develop new products and increase employee satisfaction. Projects of the companies participating in the contest involve joint contributions and efforts of both blue- and white-collar employees. 
We evaluate, implement and award innovative ideas of individuals or teams though the Proposal System put into practice in all our group companies. 

Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Based on the “Human first” philosophy, we continuously question and develop ourselves to make work environments healthy, safe and suitable for human psychology and physiology. 
We apply our human resources policies to provide our employees with a safe, peaceful and success-encouraging work environment and develop it by adapting it to changing conditions.